Colleen Belcher

Director of Client Services

Originally from Michigan, Colleen and her sons moved to Florida in the 1980’s, as her parents were aging and needed her care. Prior to her career in the financial services industry, Colleen worked for 15 years in real estate investments and primary residence sales.  Based on her experience and passion to help her clients, Colleen decided to work on the other piece of the financial puzzle, and so in 2010, Colleen joined the financial group at Metlife in Sarasota.  With this career change, she now had the ability to see more of the total picture to guide people wanting to fulfill their goals and dreams.  She joined many of her former MetLife teammates at The InCompass Group in December of 2016.  Her philosophy is that 80% of all women will one day drive (the financial car) so she is helping them get in the driver’s seat and be prepared for that day. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, playing golf, landscaping and animals.