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Choosing a financial advisor is a serious decision. We understand that you may have concerns about professional competence, conflict of interest, ethics and the true value received for your hard-earned money. Do not be fooled by unqualified salespeople claiming to be financial planners. Be assured that the Financial Advisors at The InCompass Group are a hand-picked team of qualified and credentialed professionals who are working to help you achieve your financial goals and to ensure the integrity of our company.

The InCompass Group

Sarasota, Florida Office

Sylvester, Georgia Office

  • Shawn McDonald, Financial Advisor


Partner Affiliates

  • Lone Star Wealth Management** – Sarasota, FL
  • One Stop Insurance and Financial Services** – Estero, FL
    • John Toliuszis, Financial Advisor
  • Toliuszis Financial** – Kankakee, Illinois
    • Michael Toliuszis, Financial Advisor

*not affiliated with FSC Securities Corporation

**Marketing name for securities, insurance and advisory services offered through the FSC Securities Corporation. All other listed entities are not affiliated with FSC Securities Corporation.